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A Conversation Between Dragonesses (SFW)

Posted by Duskstripe - June 18th, 2019

Note: Characters belong to their rightful owners.


Shuso, Quentesa and Lemon Juice (Oc) (c) https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/p/r/princeduskstripe.png?10 > princeduskstripe.deviantart.com

MLP: FIM (c) Hasbro


*In the afternoon on the Canterlot training grounds where both elemental dragons Shuso and Quentesa are hanging out doing their own things*

Quentesa: *focusing on her magic powers* Okay, I should create a small minor spacial gap.

Shuso: *encases both her arms in stones to create some stone hammer arms and striking the ground creating a small shock wave* Hmm. Not strong enough.

Quentesa: Hey! *knocked off balance*

Shuso: What? Sorry.

Quentesa: *gets up and dusts herself off* You are taking this way too serious aren’t you?

Shuso: Well I have to just to stay stronger and keep on top of things. And always gotta keep my guard up in case of an ambush or an attack on Canterlot. Never gonna risk it.

Quentesa: I mean you do have a point there but the mane 8 handle those ordeals why we defend the home front. Plus, I’m still trying to get the hang of my powers but I can only create barriers and small pocket dimensions to “teleport” to. Also we gotta accompanied Duskstripe on his royal services for Princess Celestia involving diplomatic duties, which was in itself is very complicated and difficult trying to compromise and have multiple parties to come to an agreement and also be aware of those who would stop the treaty negotiations at any costs:

Shuso: And that’s why I’m there to put a stop to it because they know better not to mess with me if they want to get hurt by my earth powers. Like I said before we gotta stay on guard when handling duties like these.

Quentesa: Yeah, you’re right. I mean you got your powers down pact with ease while I’m still trying to figure mine out. Even the books that Twilight gave me couldn’t help me.

Shuso: *places an arm around Quentesa* Hey don’t sweat it you’ll get the hang of it. It just takes time and training as well as skill.

Quentesa: Thanks.

*Then a yellow and pink dragoness with light & dark pink hearts on her cheeks appear behind them*

???: Hey I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

*Both Quentesa and Shuso both turned to see its Lemon Juice*

Shuso: Oh hey Lemon. What are you doing here?

Lemon Juice: Nothing much really just taking a fly around and seen you two on the ground so I decided to see what’s up.

Quentesa: Oh, we were just having a conversation about how we should stay on top of things involving our powers and royal duties involving diplomatic figures.

Lemon Juice: So I see why you two are training. How’s it down anyway?

Shuso: Well I have no problem with mine and just improving my skills. Heck, I even created some stone powers like shards and I can launch it consider them as “arrows or spikes”. Plus, I been doing some heavy lifting, cardio, increasing my stamina and my endurance.

Lemon Juice: Nice. And what about you Quentesa? How’s your training coming along?

Quentesa: Barely getting the hang of it but I doubt that I can fully control it with such ease as Shuso. But I guess it takes time or some magic training. I better get with either Celestia or she might be busy. Guess there’s Twilight I bet she can help me if I can get her at the best time. Anyway what about you Lemon? Don’t you have some powers as an elemental dragon?

Lemon Juice: Well sort of I didn’t know I was an elemental dragon until I was told about a year ago.

Shuso: Alright! So what powers do you have? Wait I bet its lightning or electricity?

Lemon Juice: Nope. *smiles*

Quentesa: Hold on. Judging base on your color scheme could you have the power to control the sun or emitting light?

Lemon Juice: Nope. Try again. *smiles*

Shuso: *scratching her head* Hmm. Sugar?

Quentesa: Sugar? *looks at Shuso with a puzzled look*

Shuso: What? I’m just throwing guesses out there. Is it Sugar Lemon?

Lemon Juice: Nope. But it would be a sweet power to have.

Quentesa: Hmm. What about goop or slime?

Lemon Juice: Nope!

Shuso: Then what? What powers do you have?

Lemon Juice: *smiles* I do have powers put its unlikely different from yours being both physical and magic.

Shuso and Quentesa: Then what!? *sounding a bit annoyed*

Lemon Juice: Emotions. I have the power over emotions as it involves love. *pointing to the pink heart on her cheeks.

Shuso: Emotions? How does that be helpful?

Quentesa: Yeah, why is that.

Lemon Juice: Girls I been trained by Princess Cadence to help improve my powers even more to assist by spreading love and help different species with their emotions and it help quarrels disputes and negative feelings. Why do you think that I was accompanied by Celestia on her duties in negotiations with diplomatic figures and even calm the behaviors of both parties so they are level headed. Plus, it can be used as a stress relief where putting others at ease when they are overcome with stress, anxiety, exhaustion, depression and angst. Why do you see the royal guards are at ease after their intense training from long hours and not leaving tired or collapse during exhaustion.

Shuso: Now that you mentioned it. I do see a change in them after putting them through and intense gruling training session with me as I was chucking rocks and boulders at them to work on their reflexes and agility as well as their reaction time. Afterwards, they are tired, bruised and exhausted but 2 hours later the same ones that were tired and bruised were walking and talking normally as if nothing happened to them. *looks at Lemon* Did you had something to do with it?

Lemon Juice: *smiles and nodded*

Quentesa: Wow, not only you can ease them but you can actually heal them too?

Lemon Juice: Eeyup.

Shuso: How?

Lemon Juice: I see you got bruised fists Shuso.

Shuso: Yeah, but they don’t hurt or nothing but what of it?

Lemon Juice: I’m going to heal them completely.

Shuso: Okay?

Quentesa: How?

Lemon Juice: *walks up to Shuso* Like this.

Shuso: Um, what are you….

*Before Shuso could finish Lemon had plants a kiss on her lips as both the pink hearts on her cheeks starts to glow as her whole body engulfs in a yellow pinkish light as it covers Shuso’s fists in an aura as they are completely healed*

Lemon Juice: There you are healed and how are you feeling?

Shuso: What the heck!? *looks at her fist in amazement* They’re...healed?

Lemon Juice: Indeed.

Quentesa: Wow, that’s amazing! You can heal injuries?

Lemon Juice: Well only if they are minor like gashes, scratches, bruising, etc but they are limits that I can’t heal major wounds that are life threatening such as internal bleeding or blood loss.

Quentesa: Oh…

Lemon Juice: Yeah, its something that I don’t want to happen but can’t do anything about it.

Shuso: Wow even though some powers are amazing but there are some that have limits such as yours in this case.

Quentesa: Shuso!

Shuso: What? I’m just saying the obvious.

Lemon Juice: Shuso’s right even we think are powers go beyond than others while some have limitations to them such as mine. So I won’t let that get me down besides my power is mostly used for quelling frustrations and healing minor stuff. But mostly its for therapeutic uses so I’m not complaining and it can also be use for “arousal stuff” with couples to their bedroom escapades.

Quentesa: Um…

Shuso: Okay didn’t expect that to be used for “that” but at least you are making a difference though even if its not physical.

Quentesa: Or my magic.

Lemon Juice: To be honest emotions are a power thing if you hadn’t realize it. Anyway what are you two doing afterwards.

Shuso: Well I’m gonna shower and sleep afterwards.

Quentesa: I’m heading back to my room to research some more magical spells and techniques that can help me improve. And you?

Lemon Juice: I’m going back to my dimension and meet back up with Sparkle since I came here to see what the others are doing.

Shuso: Oh, that’s neat.

Quentesa: Wow didn’t know dimension travel is possible?

Lemon Juice: Yeah. Only Duskstripe, Sparkle, Alice, Angie, Nessaya, and Risikra can do that and she’s a demon goat pony for Celestia sake.

Quentesa: If I can improve my magic you think its possible that I can come visit you guys sometimes.

Lemon Juice: Sure I don’t see why not.

Shuso: Hey if you’re going you better let me come with your Quentesa. I wanna see the other world of Equestria.

Quentesa: Alright alright. I just hope we don’t cause an inter-dimensional incident or something.

*All three of them begin laughing to themselves*


Author’s Note:

Hey guys, Duskstripe here! I hope you all have a wonderful day, evening or night. I wanna say that this is a long sfw story I written well I was planning on making it short but due to the creative thinking flow where it made it a bit longer than usual. Also, I’m gonna do some more sfw content as well as the nsfw content that is either both long or short as to only what would come to me. Anyway hope you guys continue loving my so call cannon series or side stories that is “almost” or “somewhat” to volume series that are written by my bros https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/g/h/ghostzeroone.jpg?11 and https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/s/i/sir-writesalot.png?4 as well as the other artists and give them a watch and look at their works when you have a chance. Lastly, I will be working on the next story called “The Ghost Ring (NSFW)” a movie theme from the horror movie “The Ring” but with mature content and with the involvement of our dragon boi Spike the Dragon (adult) and my ghost pone oc Lost Eyes so stay on update with the story release. Anyway hope you all have a wonderful day and see you readers next time! https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif

Honorable Artists and Story Writers Mentions & Inspirations:

https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/g/h/ghostzeroone.jpg?11 > ghostzeroone.deviantart.com

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