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Establishing Boundaries (SFW)

Posted by Duskstripe - August 23rd, 2019

Establishing Boundaries (SFW)

Note: Characters belong to their rightful owners.


DuskStripe and Liquorice Sour Quensha (Oc) (c) :iconprinceduskstripe: > princeduskstripe.deviantart.com

Ghost (Oc) (c) :iconghostzeroone: > ghostzeroone.deviantart.com

Nick (Oc) (c) :iconstarwarsfannick: > starwarsfannick.deviantart.com

Prince Blueblood, Royal Guards, and Princess Celestia & MLP: FIM (c) Hasbro


*Inside the Canterlot Castle sitting within the study room a dark purple and white alicorn stallion was doing some reading on the research on some mythical creatures sightings by some individuals in Equestria. As he was reading he was interrupted by a knock at the door and stopped reading and told whoever to come in and soon walked in was a light dark skin humanoid hybrid fox female wearing black clothing was nothing but a sports bra shirt and some black shorts.*

Duskstripe: Oh hey Liquorice! How are you today? 

Liquorice: Hi Dusk, I’m doing fine. Just came back from training with Shuso I believe the earth elemental dragon and I gotta say that was some intense training. At least I got me a sparing partner whenever I want to test my strength and endurance. 

Duskstripe: That’s great to hear! Are you enjoying your residence here in the castle?

Liquorice: Its alright. But I rather live outdoors near the wooded areas. 

Duskstripe: I can try to accommodate your living conditions and built like an outdoor condo for you and added to an extension to the lower wing of the castle that is near the woods if you like?

Liquorice: Nah, its fine. It was a suggestion. Besides at least I can get to spend time with Victoria since its been years since I last seen her.

Duskstripe: *smiles* Yeah she was super happy to hear that you was coming to live here when I had found you and man she even made a temporary sleeping area in her room for you to bunk in with her.

Liquorice: *smiles* Yeah, it was nice to see her don’t get me wrong but it was sudden and weird living here. Plus, you was sent earlier by the creator to save Victoria from being shipped off to somewhere far away and gave her residence. And that was when you found me years later in an “abandoned location” isolated from the world and you gave me residence as well and was both happy and surprise to see Victoria was here. I wanted to thank you to you and your “creator” for giving us a second chance.

Duskstripe: *smiles* No need just doing the right thing and want to make things for you all comfortable. Besides the only thing that matters is to see you all happy.

Liqourice: *nods with a smile*

*Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Liquorice walked over to the door and opened it and standing at the door was the Royal Guards*

Royal Guard: I’m sorry to bother you Mr. Duskstripe but we want to inform you that there is a couple of guests here are here to see you and both are waiting in the lobby area of the Canterlot Castle and told us they are friends of yours.

Duskstripe: Thank you, I’ll be there in a few seconds.

*Both royal guards nodded and exited the room and went back to their posts*

Liquorice: Expecting some company?

Duskstripe: Yes, just my buddies. Care to join me to the front of the castle?

Liquorice: I don’t see why not.

*Both made their way to the Canterlot Castle door entrance and chatted along the way as the walk took about 5 minutes. As both reach the lobby area there were two males standing there waiting. One was a blue pegasus with black & red mane wearing a red muscle shirt with some dark blue jeans and the other one was a light brown muscular wolf with black hair wearing a black muscle shirt with a white faded skull design on the front & grey pants with black combat boots.*

Duskstripe: Hey guys! Long time no see! *smiles at the two*

Nick: Hey Dusk! *hugs the alicorn stallion* Its been a while since we last chat and seen each other! You seem different? Did you undergo another physical change? *eyebrow raised with a smile*

Duskstripe: *chuckles to himself* You can say that. How are you and your marefriend Sparkle doing?

Nick: Oh? Did you heard?

Duskstripe: No, what?

Nick: Last year on my birthday my lovely lady had surprised me with a birthday proposal.

Duskstripe: *interested* And?

Nick: We’re engaged! Usually its the other way around where I was planning on surprising her with a proposal but I guess she beats me to it 1st.

Duskstripe: Sweet man! Congratulations!! *hugs him*

Nick: Thanks dude! We haven’t planned a wedding day yet or making arrangements yet but once we do we’ll sent you an invite to our wedding.

Duskstripe: Thanks, I’ll be happy to attend. Give my regards to Sparkle for me.

Nick: Will do!!

Duskstripe: *turns to face Ghost* Wow, I seen you have undergo a new look your self Ghost.

Ghost: *smiles and flashes a toothy grin* Yeah, its my wolf form and I kinda like it.

Duskstripe: *smiles* Yeah, I almost didn’t recognize you since the last time I had saw you and you was a unicorn.

Ghost: Oh no worries I can change back to my regular form but I like to stick to this one. Plus, I can feel the difference in this form than my pony form. I have 3x the strength, speed, agility, climbing, and a huge amount of stamina even I have claws that I can use for either combat purposes and preparations like cutting and marking land markers when hiking with the useful sense of smell to smell things 2 miles away.

Liquorice: *secretly oogly over the hunky muscular canine in front of her*

Duskstripe: That’s great to hear! Oh? I haven’t introduce you guys. Ghost and Nick this is Liquorice. Liquorice this Nick *points to the blue pegasus stallion who greeted back* and this is Ghost *pointed to the muscular wolf*

Ghost: Hey there Liquorice, nice to meet you.

Liquorice: *still daydreaming about the handsome muscular wolf before her* 

Duskstripe: Liquorice? *shakes her a bit* You okay there?

Liquorice: *snaps out of her daydream* Huh? Um, yeah! Nice to meet both of you!  

Duskstripe: *slight eyeroll* Anyway, what are you guys doing here?

Nick: I don’t Ghost and I had nothing better to do so I suggested we hangout and play some videogames like Xbox and PS4 or maybe some online pc games.

Ghost: Yeah or maybe chill out for the day and open a few cold ones.

Duskstripe: Oh, you guys know it. Besides I need a break from all that reasearch I’ve been doing for the past few days on mythical creatures. I guess it never hurts to get a break from all that work.

*Suddenly a white tall feminine multicolor regal alicorn princess had walked in on the group followed by a white unicorn snutty stallion with blonde mane wearing a blue expensive suit followed by a few feet behind her as giving the group a scoffed look*

Princess Celestia: Oh? Hey Duskstripe I haven’t seen you in a while. Have you been busy?

Duskstripe: Oh Celestia, why I have I been reading that mythical book I found in the old castle during my time out exploring the ruined castle a couple of years ago before it was remodled by Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends as a school. I gotta say they’ve done an outstanding job running the institution. Looks like she takes after you since you mentor her a lot throughout her life and became a positive influence.

Princess Celestia: *smiles and blushes* Dusk, no need to be modest about it.

Prince Blueblood: *rolls his eyes*

Prince Celestia: Oh! *notices the group before her* I didn’t know you had company over did I interrupt anything important?

Duskstripe: Not at all Celestia we were just heading into my gaming room that I had built months ago to hang out and relax while doing some gaming.

Princess Celestia: Oh okay. But don’t tell my sister Luna you know how she gets very competitive. 

Duskstripe: Oh I forgot about that. *laughs*

Princess Celestia: Anyway I have important errands to run and won’t be back for a while. Oh can you deliever this for me to Cleopatra for me? *hands him a manila folder of thick documents* 

Duskstripe: Sure, I’ll get to it later on.

Princess Celestia: Thank you Dusk, I know I can count on you. *flashes him a cute smile*

Duskstripe: *blushes slightly* No problem, anything for you Celestia.

Prince Blueblood: *glares daggers at Dusk*

Princess Celestia: Well I’ll take my leave now catch you all later.

*With that the regal white alicorn princess and her royal guards exited the room and out through the castle doors*

Prince Blueblood: *shoves Duskstripe and gets into his face* Don’t think you look at my Auntie like that!

Duskstripe: *shoves him back* Wtf, is your problem!? 

Prince Blueblood: *angrily shout* Ugh! DON’T TOUCH ME YOUR FILTHY SWINE! I will have you arrested for assault and thrown in jail!

Duskstripe: *shouts back* What like you touched me first in front of witnesses!

Prince Blueblood: *scoffs* These lackeys!? They need to go back to the boonies from whence they came! Nothing but commoners that don’t belong in this castle and neither should you Dustrat!

Duskstripe: *glares daggers at him* Watch it blueballs!!!

Prince Blueblood: *eyebrow twitch* WHAT..DID...YOU CALL ME?

Duskstripe: You heard me *smug on his face and slowly repeated the words* Blue...BALLS!!!!

Nick, Ghost and Liquorice: *stifling laughter*

Prince Blueblood: *angrily turns to face them* STOP LAUGHING RIGHT NOW!!!!

Liquorice: Or what? 

Nick: I guess his ego is bruised. *chuckles* 

Ghost: More like his pride has been shattered. *folding his arms*

Duskstripe: Come on we don’t time for this hypocrite.

Nick: Agreed.

Ghost: Same

Liquorice: *nods*

*As the group was about to leave the area suddenly Prince Blueblood made a snarky comment that dug deep*

Prince Blueblood: I guess your father was a disappointment and why he’s no longer here and your mother needs a real man in her life.

*This causes Duskstripe to stop in his tracks. If looks can kill Blueblood would have been evaporated into oblivion*

Duskstripe: *slowly turns his head to face Blueblood giving him a death glare with a stone cold expression* WHAT...DID...YOU...SAY…..CAN YOU REPEAT THAT…

Prince Blueblood: *still giving him a smug grin* You heard me commoner….I said your father….

*Before Prince Blueblood could finish he was struck in the face by a quick punch by Dusk sending him flying backwards hitting the wall nearby*

Prince Blueblood: Ugh……

Duskstripe: *Now with a blank expression on his face slowly walks towards Blueblood with the look of murder in his eyes* Listen here you PSO!! *Now looking down on a terrified Blueblood on the floor still groaning in pain from the punch to the face* 

Prince Blueblood: *stuttering but trying his best to remain confident* Listen here…. 

*stopped and was cut off by Duskstripe picking him up by his shirt with one had and lifted Blueblood in the air as he looks down at Dusk with a terrified expression*


Ghost: *shocked by seeing a dark aura emitting from Dusk* That can’t be good….

Nick: What? *still reeling in shock* 

Ghost: Don’t DO IT DUSK!!! *uses flash speed and restrains Dusk*

Liquorice: *changes into her wolf form and joins in to restrain Dusk herself* Dusk! You need to calm down!!!

Ghost: Nick!!! Go get the Black Onyx amulet!

Nick: Huh? Right!! *rushes to go get the necklace from Duskstripe’s room with wing speed*

*Both Ghost and Liquorice are struggling to hold back Duskstripe*

Duskstripe: *still with murder in his eyes as he gives the most menacing death glare at Bluebood who by now is cowering in the corner* Let me go!!! He must be punished!!!

Ghost: Listen I know you wanna rip into him gladly we all do BUT its not worth going to prison over it!!

Liquorice: Dusk!! Listen to him and listen to reason its not worth it!

*Suddenly Dusk right hand was free it was encased by a dark aura and was formed into a shadow claw as he launched it a few feet in front of Blueblood as the claws dig into the floor and scrapped backwards against the tiles*

Nick: Hold on Dusk!! I’m coming!! *rushing to the group with necklace in hand*

*Nick quickly places the necklace around Dusk’s neck as the crystal begins to glow with a black light as Duskstripe had stopped struggling as the dark aura around his arm was rescinded into the crystal and his anger began to calm down as he lay on the floor with his eyes returning to normal color.*

Ghost: *changes back to his unicorn form as he uses his magic to purge the crystal and Dusk of the dark energy emitting from him* That should do it.

Liquorice: *reverts back to her normal form* Come on. We need to get him to bed so he can rest up.

Ghost: Yeah, Nick come help me lift Dusk up.

Nick: Yeah. 

*Both Ghost and Nick helped Dusk to his feet and guided him back to his room*

Prince Blueblood: *shaking* He’s crazy!!! He’s a psychopath! The devil!!! That MONSTER need to be thrown in jail…..

Liquorice: SHUT UP!!! YOU ARE LUCKY THAT YOU ARE STILL EVEN ALIVE!!! *Gets into his face* Listen here you prissy snooty ass worthless unicorn upper class prick!!! You better not cross that line with Dusk! If you so much insult him or his parents you better believe that I will be dealing with you personally. Because I’m not afraid to turn you inside out! Now *speaking in a threatening but warnin tone* If I were you I keep your mouth shut about this because I know you are on thin ice with Celestia and if she hears about what happened and what you said to Dusk. Let’s just say you will get booted out of the castle and living on the streets like a homeless commoner yourself. *Grabs his face as her claws digs into his skin but not piercing it* Do I make myself clear?

Prince Blueblood: *silent but nods*

Liquorice: “Good boy”….*jerks his face out of her hand* Now get your snooty butt out of my sight!

Prince Blueblood: *hastily gets up and ran in the opposite direction*

Liquorice: *watching him running until she can’t see him no longer* Hey can you clean this mess up. I know you’re there I can smell you.

Royal Unicorn Guard: Um yes ma’am miss Liquorice! *salutes* 

Liquorice: At ease but please don’t tell Celestia about what happened here.

Royal Unicorn Guard: I didn’t see or hear anything miss Liquorice.

Liquorice: Thank you! Now if you excuse me I must take my leave. 

*As Liquorice followed the pathway where Ghost, Nick and Dusk went to accompanied them*

Royal Unicorn Guard: Boy, I don’t want to get on their bad side. *worried look*


Author’s Note:

 Hey guys I hope you all enjoyed that story. I thought about it I believe last month at work one night after closing as I was mopping the floors when the story idea had came to me and thought about more details every night after closing hours mopping as ideas was flowing into my head. May do a the sequel “Royal Pain to Royal Bliss” and it will be a surprise and the fate of Blueblood in the next story as he undergoes a “change” that is a pain for him and a “pleasure” for Dusk. I wanted to do the Ghost Ring Part 2 but these other stories just keep nagging at me. So I’m gonna hold off on it for now or maybe start it in the beginning of October. Yeah, 1st day of Hallows month maybe if can give me some “inspiring details”. Lastly, I just added that “Blue Balls” part as I typed when Dusk roasted Blueblood and it just popped into my head. Anyway hope you give this story a thumbs up and keep your eyes peel for the next story post. I wonder what should I call this series? Any ideas if so please leave a comment down the posts. Ya’ll take care and have a good one!

P.S. if you have any questions about my side story fimfiction stories that are canon to other artists (those whose names are in the list below Author’s Note are involved in the series and played a part in it) work in the series volume “Kingdom of Cavaliera: Quest for the Golden Heart (Volume 1). Furthermore, why not give the fellow artists below a watch and view the awesome artwork & literature they write and show them some loving support! :)

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