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Show Me Your Professionalism (NSFW) (Revised)

Posted by Duskstripe - November 8th, 2019

Show Me Your Professionalism (NSFW) (Revised)

Note: Characters belong to their rightful owners.


DuskStripe (Oc) (c) :iconprinceduskstripe: > princeduskstripe.deviantart.com

Ms. Harshwhinny, Ms. Peachbottom & MLP: FIM (c) Hasbro


*In a late afternoon a busy earth mare with dark gold hair wearing a white shirt and purple shorts with a trophy cutie mark was sitting her her home office working on her laptop and signing a few paperwork on her left side then filing them behind her was working effortlessly as she tries to maintain ahead of the next business schedule once she returns from her two weeks off. As she was working she hears a knock on her opened door. Once she looks up there was an earth mare who was cream color with a light green hair in a pony tail with a purple hair band in it as she was wearing a green shirt and light pink skirt at knee length with a chicken cutie mark was her temporary roommate Ms. Peachbottom*

Ms. Peachbottom: Hey Whinnie!! *says in a super chipper tone*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *winced at the nickname* Peachbottom, please stop calling me that.

Ms. Peachbottom: Why not? *craned her head to the side*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Its very unprofessional.

Ms. Peachbottom: Oh come on! Quit being so serious and just lighten up! *in a happy tone* You need to let loose sometimes.

Ms. Harshwhinny: No, thank you! I have a serious deadline I have to maintain before I return back to work after my 2 weeks are up.

*Suddenly appear behind her back*

Ms. Peachbottom: Come on Whinnie! Why not take a break and just go out in town with me to have some fun. You know get drinks, dancing, and maybe meet handsome stallions that’ll get your mind off things. *said as she raises her eyebrow in a winking motion*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Speaking of stallion I have one of Celestia’s assistance will be here within a few minutes with…..*she was interrupted by peachbottom’s shocked expression*

Ms. Peachbottom: Whinnie, you sly mare *smile spread across her face*

Ms. Harshwhinny: What are you talking about? *annoyed tone*

Ms. Peachbottom: Do you have a secret stallion on the side you are seeing? Come on you can tell me give me the deets (slang for details) girl I won’t tell. What’s his name?

Ms. Harshwhinny: *groan in annoyance* He’s no one to me just an acquaintance of Princess Celestia herself. Besides do I look like the type of being in the dating style?

Ms. Peachbottom: I don’t know, you have a strong poker face ALL the time.

Ms. Harshwhinny: *insert grumpy cat face meme* Are you done?

Ms. Peachbottom: *sighs* Yes. Are you sure you don’t wanna join me on the night out so you can take a break from your work?

Ms. Harshwhinny: No, I’m fine. I’m far too busy besides *looks at the clock nearby on her wall* Princess Celestia’s assistant should be here with some documents.

*Suddenly there was a knock at the door*

Ms. Peachbottom: That must be the assistant. Want me to go get it?

Ms. Harshwhinny: You can if you wanna be useful.

Ms. Peachbottom: *slightly rolls her eyes and left to go to open the front door.* Hello….

*There at the front door was a dark purple and white alicorn stallion with large white wings to his side wearing a dark blue shirt and purple shorts. He was a bit taller than her and was wearing white glasses and has a thin build with a muscle tone to him as he was staring down at her with a smile holding some files in his hands*

Ms. Peachbottom: *stunned in amazement*

Duskstripe: Hello there um is this the right address? I’m here to deliver some documents to Ms. Harshwhinny.

Ms. Peachbottom: Hello there handsome I’m Ms. Peachbottom but you can me Peachbottom and I’m her roommate only temporary.

Duskstripe: Hi there Ms. Peachbottom its nice to meet you my name is Duskstripe.

Ms. Peachbottom: Princess Celestia’s assistant I hear, I can see why she has you for her assistance for a tall alicorn stallion stud as yourself.

*From the her office deep in the house*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Peachbottom! Who’s at the door?

Ms. Peachbottom: *In a cheery and teasing tone* Your handsome stallion is here!

Ms. Harshwhinny: What!?

Duskstripe: *speaking into the house* I’m here to give your paperwork Ms. Harshwhinny from Princess Celestia.

Ms. Harshwhinny: Oh? What are you waiting for come in already your a few minutes late Mr. Duskstripe!

Duskstripe: Sorry I was a bit held up by your friend at the door my apologizes.

Ms. Harshwhinny: Come in already and bring me the documents Mr. Dusk.

Duskstripe: Excuse me, Ms. Peachbottom. *walked past her and way to the office where Ms. Harshwhinny was in.*

Ms. Peachbottom: *smiles excitingly as she grabs her bag heading out* Bye Whinnie I’m heading out! And try not overwork yourself you have a handsome stud keeping you company.

Ms. Harshwhinny: Peachbottom! Enough. I’ll see you in the morning and try not to over excite yourself.

Ms. Peachbottom: Aww, thank you for caring so much for my well being. I’ll be safe “mom”. *teasingly spoke as she closed the door behind her*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *groans* Sometimes I don’t know why I put up with her. I’m surprised I haven’t drove myself crazy dealing with her antics.

Duskstripe: I’m sure she cares about you and wants to see you have fun.

Ms. Harshwhinny: Mr. Duskstripe, a busy mare such as myself have a lot on her plate and trying to maintain ahead of schedule besides as long as I keep myself preoccupied with paperwork. Anyway do you have the documents?

Duskstripe: Um yes right here. *hands her the documents*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Excellent, I’ll have these to the side whenever I get done with these couple paperwork left on my laptop. *as she places the documents in the file bin behind her.* Now let me save these good portion as to not loose my progress and having to start over. *Ms. Harshwhinny clicks the “floppy disk” icon in the word document on the laptop as a green bar was across the screen saved her work* Done! That takes care of all the work now I can relax for the next 5 days.

Duskstripe: That’s great to hear, is there anything else you need me to do at the moment?

Ms. Harshwhinny: Not at the moment Mr. Duskstripe but thanks for the help.

Duskstripe: *smiles* No need I’m glad to help.

*About 4 hours later both Duskstripe and Harshwhinny was sitting in the living room drinking some evening tea and discussing some things about upcoming events as they both heard the Equestrian Channel 08 News flashed on the screen about some severe weather heading their way as there was a 100% chance of rain and strong winds coming through the area later on in the night and want everyone to seek shelter and remain inside and have everything secure as well as securing your pets*

Duskstripe: Oh no I better head back before that storm rolls in.

Ms. Harshwhinny: No need Mr. Dusk you can stay the night besides don’t want you to get harm outside on your way back home. I’ll email Princess Celestia about your situation letting her know that you are fine and will be staying the night for her ease of mind. *gets up and walks to her backroom*

Duskstripe: Hmm, I wonder if her roommate is gonna make it home before that weather rolls around.

*Suddenly the door flew open and closed as Peachbottom rushed inside appearing to be a little wet from the light downpour outside.*

Ms. Peachbottom: Whinnie I’m home! I had to cut my outing short since I heard that a major storm is coming and its lightly drizzling outside. *turns to face and sees Duskstripe* Oh? I guess you’re staying tonight as well?

Duskstripe: Actually, I was leaving to head back before the storm arrive but Ms. Harshwhinny insisted I spend the night here so she already contacting Celestia about the situation as to not worry her.

Ms. Peachbottom: *smile* Oh I see, Whinnie you sly mare I knew you have a handsome stallion spending the night with you.

Duskstripe: Excuse me, did you say something Ms. Peachbottom? Is there something wrong?

Ms. Peachbottom: Huh? Oh nothing, I’m just glad that you don’t have to go out in that serious weather. Anyway, make yourself comfortable and Harshwhinny will take good care of you. Anyways I’ll be in my room if you two need me for anything. See you two in the morning! *walks to her bedroom and closes the door*

Duskstripe: Um, what was that about? At least she’s nice.

*Ms. Harshwhinny came back into the living room with some pillows and a blanket*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Okay Mr. Duskstripe, I already notify Princess Celestia about the weather situation and I offer to let you stay her for the night. I brought you a few pillows and a blanket.

Duskstripe: Thank you so much. Oh? You’re roommate Ms. Peachbottom made it home a little while ago and she’s in her room already.

Ms. Harshwhinny: Huh, I’m surprised she made it back before the severe weather rolling in tonight.

Duskstripe: She did say that it was lightly drizzling outside and she was a little wet.

Ms. Harshwhinny: Anyway, is that all you need Mr. Duskstripe?

Duskstripe: Yes, thank you. Hey Ms. Harshwhinny wanna watch a movie?

Ms. Harshwhinny: Hmm, okay but nothing horror related.

Duskstripe: I’m thinking Zootopia, how’s that sound?

Ms. Harshwhinny: Sure, we can watch it in my room since this tv doesn’t have Amazon fire stick yet but its arriving within 2 days.

Duskstripe: Okay.

*As both went into her bedroom that has a 15 Inch flat screen mounted on her wall with a fire stick attached to it. And there was a huge king size bed across from it with cream colored pillows with light brown bed sheet with some yellow seams on the side.*

Duskstripe: *Takes a seat on the bed* This bed feels nice and soft.

Ms. Harshwhinny: It is kinda best when to get a good full rest. *says as she bends over and plugs the fire stick plug into the socket*

Duskstripe: *sees her ass when his face is flushed and his horn fizzes and his wings flared*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *turns around and sees Duskstripe with a surprised flushed look on his face* What was that and why are you looking like that? *raised eyebrow*

Duskstripe: Uh nothing, just a bit chilly that all. *tries to come up with a quick excuse to not make it looked obvious*

Ms. Harshwhinny: I see *smiles losing all seriousness in her tone* Well wanna cuddle together so you won’t get cold Mr. Duskstripe?

Duskstripe: Yes, I mean if that’s fine with you even if you don’t want to?

Ms. Harshwhinny: *sits on his lap with one arm around him and one had on his chest as she whispers into his ear* I don’t mind at all.

Duskstripe: *Horns sparks more as his horn flared up again*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *amused by the reaction* Cold huh?

Duskstripe: ……...*still blushing*

*About an hour and a half into the movie the severe storm had already made landfall as there were strong winds blowing outside and the rain came down hard as it hit against the window outside. As both were laying in bed cuddling with the light from the television screen illuminated the room in the dark with the rain and winds providing ambiance to the mood as it can be heard inside the house.*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *slowly dosing off but tries her best to remain awake a little*

Duskstripe: *was on the verge of falling asleep as his left hand that was around Harshwhinny’s shoulder as it slide to her left breast but accidentally grope it back accident when he jotted awake*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *shocked and blushed from the reaction* Mr. Duskstripe.

Duskstripe: *flushed with surprised and embarrassment* I..I’m sorry! It was an accident I swear! I was dozing off and my hand have slide…. *But was silence from his rambling as a finger was placed on his lips, which stops him from talking.*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *Quiet tone* Shhh.. Its okay Mr. Duskstripe. In fact I have something else we can do together right now.

Duskstripe: Like what?

Ms. Harshwhinny: *smiles as she gets up from the bed she takes off her shorts and takes off her shirt as she gives Duskstripe a flirtatious smile with both hands on her hips*

Duskstripe: *became redder as Big Macintosh’s coat color as his horn sparks fireworks and wings flare 3 times higher.*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Like what you see big boy? *teasing smile*

Duskstripe: *speechless as he nodded his head*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Good….now *as she climbs on top of him facing towards him* Let me assist you *she takes his shirt of shorts off stripping him down to his boxers.* Feeling comfortable?

Duskstripe: *blushes* I’m feeling something else.

Ms. Harshwhinny: No we can get to the next part. *smiles as she process to unhook her bra and her panties as she toss them to the floor.*

Duskstripe: *blushes* Ara, Ara.

Ms. Harshwhinny: *notices Duskstripe’s erect stallionhood rising his his boxer* Looks like someone is really excited and can’t wait for the fun to begin. *She pulls Duskstripe boxers off as his full erect stallionhood was fully exposed and solid*

Duskstripe: *groans*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *smiles* I see someone is excited, lets skip everything and get to the main point. *She climbs on top of Duskstripe as she felt his stallionhood slid inside her as she moans by the sudden feel*

Duskstripe: *moans as she held onto her* Uh….

Ms. Harshwhinny: *moans* Yes….show me more

Duskstripe: *smiles on his face and looks into her eyes* With pleasure.

*As both were making passionate love with Harshwhinny riding Duskstripe and him riding her through countless hours of hot erotic activity as Duskstripe pleasure as their bodies were shiny the sweat from their bodies rubbed and pressed against each other. They kiss and change positions from the bed, floor and against the wall when Duskstripe would release into her and all over her on a number of times well into the thirties*

Ms. Harshwhinny: *feeling every inch of Duskstripe pleasuring her and moans* “Show me your wild professionalism” as she begged him to do.

Duskstripe: *Followed through with her request he smiled and flipped her into a doggy style position on the bed as he was giving her ass a nice fast strong thrust with each rhythmic movement as he was moving his hips back and forth*

*In the room where Peachbottom was in she can hear loud thrusts and pounding over the loud heavy rain and thunder outside as she was reading a book when she heard what was moaning and grunting noises from Harshwhinny’s room.*

Ms. Peachbottom: *raises an eyebrow* What’s all that noise? Is Whinnie have her television loud or something? I better go see and ask if she can turn it down.

*Peachbottom gets up from bed as she opens her bedroom door and heard the noise coming from Ms. Harshwhinny’s room as her suspicions was confirmed. As she slowly made her way down the hall to her bedroom door the sound was getting louder as she sees the bedroom door slightly open enough for her to sneak a peek inside.

Ms. Peachbottom: I wonder what she’s doing in there?

*Ms. Peachbottom slowly peeks her head in and surprised and shocked to see Ms. Harshwhinny and Duskstripe going at it on the bed with her on the bed and Duskstripe behind thrusting his stallionhood in and out of her causing her to moan deeply in bliss and him grunting with gritted teeth as he was moving a lot faster.*

Ms. Peachbottom: *blushes deep red and flushed* Oh my…..

*Suddenly with one last final thrust Duskstripe release his load inside Harshwhinny causing her to moan very loudly as he held her to him as he remained inside as both were feeling extreme bliss from the climax. And Duskstripe pulled out and released more outside on her ass and her back as his was panting out of breathe as she gives her ass a little smack*

Ms. Harshwhinny: Oh! *blushed and was panting* My being a little assertive there Dusk?

Duskstripe: *smiles while still panting* Just admiring “our fun activity”

Ms. Peachbottom: *surprised as she held her hand to her mouth and quickly move from the doorway and silently went back to her room but stopped a couple of feet before the doorway and peeked her head back into the opening.*

*She sees both Ms. Harshwhinny and Duskstripe on the bed cuddle together with him wrapping his arm around her as she held him as she rests her head into his chest as both of their bodies had an afterglow look on them as they held each other in the arms of the other and went to sleep not before they each kiss.*

Ms. Peachbottom: *smiles and tries not to shout as she quietly went back to her room, closed the door and jumped* I knew it! Whinnie, you sly mare I knew you had it in you to hook up with that handsome stud and you both going at it. *She says as she climbs into bed and goes to sleep not before saying to herself.* In the morning we’re gonna have talk about the juicy details once you’re handsome stallion is gong back to Canterlot. *Smiles as she fell asleep with the thought in mind*


Author’s Note:

Hey guys sorry for being inactive for the past 2 months without any story or art uploads. I’ve been busy with work constantly and getting a 2nd job for the seasonal hiring at GameStop at the same mall location where I worked at last year. However, I won’t start until they call for us to come in and its the 2nd week this month and haven’t heard anything yet from them then at my current job my boss is cutting everyone’s hours back so that takes more of my time and coming home very tired for 4 days back to back. Then about last week my other flash drive I had bought from Walmart I had a few months back it was a MLP Pinkie Pie flash drive where I saved all my artwork, stories and pictures on. Although, on October 30th somehow I can’t access the files on it when unbeknownst to me that it somehow unformatted itself, which made me lose everything on it so I had to start from scratch all over again. I had ordered a Pokemon Pikachu 64GB and a 16GB MLP Twilight Sparkle flash drive from Amazon last week and both came in last Sunday. Even though I didn’t use them yet (only formatted them) I had some flash drive (plain ones) to use instead as a “test run” in case if they mess up instead of using my new ones. So far nothing happened so far with it. My guess is that I must have overused my Pinkie Pie one when I left it connected to my laptop for long periods of time instead of ejecting it when finished using. My hunch must have been why it unformatted itself when I went to reconnect it back into my laptop. Anyway that is all I gotta say and now I gotta do catch up with it since its November and maybe do some late Halloween Theme artwork and stories, which I forgot to do last month due to being busy and my laziness (don’t judge me). So now I got this out of the way I can continue to the next story, which is a sequel to this one. Hope you all enjoyed the story and enjoy the rest of your day and evening!

P.S. if you have any questions about my side story fimfiction stories that are canon to other artists (those whose names are in the list below Author’s Note are involved in the series and played a part in it) work in the series volume “Kingdom of Cavaliera: Quest for the Golden Heart (Volume 1 & 2). Furthermore, why not give the fellow artists below a watch and view the awesome artwork & literature they write and show them some loving support! https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif

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