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Confronting Her Inner Demon (Mature)

Posted by Duskstripe - January 26th, 2020

Confronting Her Inner Demon (Mature)

Image Inspired To Create Story: twitter.com/Suirano/status/121…

Note: Characters belong to their rightful owners.


Artwork done and belongs to https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/s/u/suirano.png?14 > suirano.deviantart.com and for inspiring me to create this story based off the artwork so I have to give where credit is due for Sui making such awesome artwork over the years and hope you reach a larger milestone in your works.

Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Daybreaker and MLP:FIM Franchise (c) Hasbro

*That night at Canterlot Castle the sun Princess Celestia was done with her duties from royal stuff and was so tired she headed off to her room. As she got to her chambers she went upon the balcony and lowers the sun and raised the moon up in the sky. Once she was done lowering the sun and raising the moon her sister Princess Luna had took over the nightly duties while her sister went to her room and changed into her sleepwear, which was a light blue night shirt and blue thong as she crawled into bed*

Princess Celestia: *sigh* What a busy day, I be finding this very boring sometimes having to deal with royal duties every time. I wish there was a that I can get a 1 day off from all of this and relax for once.

*Suddenly Luna came in the room*

Princess Luna: Hey Tia, before I head off can I ask you something?

Princess Celestia: Sure.

Princess Luna: What are you’re feelings towards Duskstripe?

Princess Celestia: Duskstripe? I mean he’s a reliable stallion and I appreciate his help with…

*Gets interrupted by Luna*

Princess Luna: Come on Tia! No need to beat around the bush and I’ve see you’re dreams.

Princess Celestia: *blushes red* Have you been spying on me Luna?

Princess Luna: *smiles* More like an arousal performance in your dreams about him.

Princess Celestia: *still flustered* So that doesn’t mean anything I….

Princess Luna: You love him don’t you?

Princess Celestia: Maybe a little…

Princess Luna: Tia?

Princess Celestia: Alright, its just I never asked him and always get stuck on my words. I don’t know how he’ll respond to me asking him and it would feel awkward since I guided him since he was a student at the gift of Unicorn University and gained a new pair of wings since his exam with the Tantabus years ago. Now that he’s a handsome alicorn stallion I kinda grew feelings towards him but…

Princess Luna: You are nervous?

Princess Celestia: *sheepishly* Yes….

Princess Luna: Listen Tia, its okay to be nervous but you just gotta face your fears and take a leap of faith. Its best to let him know how you feel about him right then and there instead of letting it build up for some time. I know you can do it just gotta jump in with both hooves.

Princess Celestia: Okay, I will.

Princess Luna: Great! Now if you’ll excuse me I must get to my duties. *She vanished through a portal*

*Moments later Celestia was getting tired as she gets comfortable in her bed while letting Luna’s word rang through her head before falling asleep later*

Princess Celestia: *suddenly wakes up and sees she’s in a dark void* Where am I? *she looks down and notices that she is wearing some jewelry as she wore yellow 3 big ear piercings, yellow arm bracelets, some yellow tight leggings, a browish-red loin cloth and has purple pasties with some yellow swirls underneath covering her tits leaving her huge breasts exposed* What? Why am I wearing this?

???: I see that you have some inner conflicts Celestia. *as an evil feminine voice said with a wicked laugh*

Princess Celestia: Who said that!? Who are you? Show yourself!

???: Now now. No need to get all uptight there. I’m just pointing the obvious.

*Suddenly the whole void became fiery hot like as Celestia was surrounded by flames but not touching her*

Princess Celestia: That voice..these flames...it….can’t be…..

???: Why it is!

*Suddenly the wall of flames in front of Celestia had opened up to reveal a darkish-lightest white red mix alicorn with flaming red mane and wearing the same attire as Celestia but its more of dark red and orange with a yellow loin cloth. Also has a crimson yellow eyes with sliths as her scelera is a dark red as she has long nails on her hands with some sharp fangs in her mouth as she gives Celestia a wicked smile*

Princess Celestia: *shocked* Daybreaker! Why are you here!?

*The robust evil alicorn laughed at the questions*

Princess Celestia: What’s so funny!?

Daybreaker: Why you brought me here.

Princess Celestia: What!? That’s a lie!

Daybreaker: Oh come now Celestia. *walked up to her gently grabs her chin as both their huge assests squished against each other* No need to get so angry about your insecurities about yourself over a particular handsome alicorn stallion you have on your mind. The reason how I know is that I’m you.

Princess Celestia: So why are you showing yourself to me in this state? What is it that you hope to gain from this interaction?

Daybreaker: Oh my dear I can never tell you, it will spoil the surprise I have in store. *smiles wickedly*

Princess Celestia: *gets angry as a yellow radiant glow emanating from her evporate half of the flames behind her* Daybreaker!

Daybreaker: Oh? What troubles you? You think I’m gonna take over you or…… maybe you have concern for your handsome stallion? What was his name? Duskstripe?

Princess Celestia: *shoots a yellow arrow at her* DON’T YOU DARE!!!!!

Daybreaker: Hahahahahaha! Don’t worry I won’t harm a single mane on him BUT I have plans o make him my King once I take control of your body and rule over Equestria with an iron fist with Duskstripe by my side once I make a few change to him as my King. *smiles*

Princess Celestia: *becomes angry* LEAVE….HIM…..OUT OF THIS!!!!!!!!

Daybreaker: *smiles* All in do time BUT I’m very patient on the wait.*vanishes and appears behind Celestia with her rack pressed against her back and gropes her and kisses her cheek* Don’t worry my lovely sunbutt I’ll be seeing the both of you real soon. *vanishes with her flames*

*With that Celestia woke up in a cold sweat and was breathing heavily as she sat up in her bed*

Princess Celestia: What does that suppose to mean? And why is she here? I only saw Daybreaker back in the alternative timeline where I became her when Luna became Nightmare Moon. Ugh, its so confusing. And what does she want with Duskstripe? No, I can’t let that happen and prevent what Daybreaker is gonna do. *sighs* I must figure something out before it comes to that conclusion. I better get some rest and maybe talk to Luna about this and possibly Dusk…..

*With that Celestia went back to sleep and in the background that Princess Luna was watching from afar with a worried look on her face*

Author’s Note:

Hey guys I hope everyone had an awesome day, evening or night whatever timezone you are in. I know its late (25 days sue me, lol) but I hope everyone had an awesome start to the new year. I’ve been extremely busy and lazy over the past couple of months since I’ve been playing both Sword and Shield on my Switch Lite and beat both games just waiting to get the expansion pass coming out in September. Plus, I finally got a PSP 1000 from Ebay but gonna get a PSP 3000 regardless so I gotta look for an extra job since my seasonal has been terminated to bring in extra income. Overall, I’m gonna try to create more stories since I had thought of some good ones over the few months in my journal and talked to other artists to collaborate using their characters with mine. Luckily, I talked to one of my favorite artists whom I followed for a longtime about using his characters with mine and gave me the green light. BUT I’m not gonna reveal them until the story is made but its still in the development stage as I’m still playing around with the ideas so its gonna be a while. With my other stories and artwork takes a while to dish out since my job and decompress on my days off to have new ideas to roll through so I’m gonna do my best to upload a few at a time for you all to enjoy. Well that’s all I want to discuss with you guys on the matter and hope you all have a pleasant day, evening or night!

P.S. if you have any questions about my side story fimfiction stories that are canon to other artists (those whose names are in the list below Author’s Note are involved in the series and played a part in it) work in the series volume “Kingdom of Cavaliera: Quest for the Golden Heart (Volume 1). Furthermore, why not give the fellow artists below a watch and view the awesome artwork & literature they write and show them some loving support! https://e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/smile.gif

Also, if anyone else who is involved in the series that are new and would like for me to mention them don’t hesitate to contact me about adding you to the mentions below to keep an update with my story posts and if any newcomers are new to the Kingdom of Cavaliera series please let others know who are new to let me know to add them as well so they can get a mention as well since on every story update on the main series I seen some new faces involved and want to get them mentioned here as well to the uncanon series I’m making as well that is somehow “tied” to the main one like an “alternative pocket timeline universe”.

Honorable Artists and Story Writers Mentions & Inspirations:

https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/s/h/shad0wzr0.jpg?11 > ghostzeroone.deviantart.com

https://a.deviantart.net/avatars/s/i/sir-writesalot.png?4 > sir-writesalot.deviantart.com

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