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Rescuing the Purple Striped Tigress

Posted by Duskstripe - April 5th, 2020

Rescuing the Purple Striped Tigress

Note: Characters & works belong to their rightful owners.


Ghost (c) :iconghostzeroone: > ghostzeroone.deviantart.com

Teegan the Tiger (c) Honey Girls


*On a sunny late spring evening, Ghost the tactical brown wolf was out an about on his cardio run in his black tank top muscle shirt with dark grey knee length shorts was on a trail run near the Everfree Forest on his 30 mile run from Canterlot to Ponyville and back since he left early in the morning to get a headstart on his workout to increase his stamina and endurace*

Ghost: *running through the pathway on the outskirts in Everfree* Man its been an awesome running I did for the long number of miles I did early this morning. I better take a quick short 5 minute quicker before starting again. *stopped and checked his fibit watch and looking at the number of miles and calories burned as well as the number of steps he took*. Wow, very impressive from yesterday. I managed 25.84 miles, 40,000 steps and 1,100 calories. I’m getting better every time.

*After relaxing a bit as he takes in the scenery and listening to the nature sounds all around him. Ghost was taking in his surroundings until he heard a loud femine roar deep within the forest ahead of him*

Ghost: *got to his feet* What was that?

*Suddenly he heard the roar again followed by a feminine voice as well as an immense struggle*

Unknown Female Voice: *angry* LET GO OF ME YOU BRUTES!!!!!!

*Ghost gets up and ran towards the voice deep through the forest brush and followed the location where its at. About 5 minutes Ghost saw a clearing and seen at least 5 fugures in the opening. So he hide in the brush to take cover and peeked through the brush and seen one of them was female who is a purple tigress with dark stripes all over her and has short black hair and violet streaks as she appears to be trapped into what seems like a vice clamped on her leg and was in a net struggling to get free. As well as other 4 were males all in cameo clothing with some tactical gear holding some firearms at their side and some on their backs*

Ghost: *realize the situation at hand* Poachers! What are they doing here in Everfree!? Its illegal here in Equestria unless…

*Suddenly his train of thought was interrupted when one of them had approached the purple tigress on the ground struggling in both the net and trap as she nelt down at eye level with her*

Poacher #1: Now calm down my dear, we’re not gonna harm you….unless if you are refusing to cooperate with us then that’s how its going to be and we’ll take you with us by force if we have to. *smiles*

Poacher #2: That’s right! Oh? Did the boss mentioned if we have to bring her dead or alive? *smile wickedly at her that causes her to look up at him in fright*

Unknown female tigeress: Why are you doing this to me!? 

Poacher #3: Simple my dear! Your species are a rare find and fits a hefty amount on the black market.

Unknown female tigress: Black market!? What’s gonna happen to me!?

Poacher #4: Easy. Maybe being sold at auction to the highest bidder as a servant or someone’s personal slave. Or being put to work in harsh conditions as a maid, house wife, etc. Maybe as a breeder to bare a rich kings’s heir to their kingdom. So many possibilities.

Unknown female tigress: *eyes wide as she grits her teeth in disgust as she continues to struggle trying to break free*

Poacher #1: Its no use my dear you’ll tire yourself out and *points at the trap on her leg as blood slowly trinkles down her leg* you’ll pass out from blood loss as the trap is deep within your leg. So I advise its best to just give up and accept your fate.

Unknown female tigress: *huge amount of defiance and anger in her voice* NEVER!!!! I would rather go down fighting than surrender to the lights of you!

Poacher #1: *sighs* Well then. *pulls out his AR.15 and points the barrel at her forehead* Well its a shame we tried to offer you an easy way to go with no harm towards you. But no matter we may get less if we bring you in dead as long its nothing but they can you your remains whatever they have planned in the black market.

Unknown female tigress: GO. FUCK. YOURSELF. *spits at his face*

Poacher #1: Say your prayers bitch!

*Just before the poacher can pull the trigger there was a sudden yell from him as he fell and hit the ground revealing there were two arrows protruded in his right shoulder and left leg. This caught the other 3 to be on guard as they point their firearms all around the area scanning them trying to find who and where the arrows were fired from. Suddenly another arrow shot out at a quick speed impaling the 2nd poacher in the chest, which peirced his heart causing him to drop dead to the ground*.

Poacher #3: Shoot the surrounding area where the arrow was shot from!!!

*Both the poachers unloaded their rounds in the direction where the arrow came from as a barrage of bullets shot from their automatic rifles as shell casings were exiting them out of them as they pile on the ground below them.*

Unknown female tigress: What is going on? *Suddenly she sees a dark figure hiding in the brush that is hiding adjacent to them and using her enhanced sight she sees a wolf in clothing attire holding a bow an arrow in his hand.* Who….

*Ghost using his enhanaced wolf vision sees the tigress looking at him and motioned her to keep quiet and waved his hand down in a laying down motion telling her to lay flat on her stomach as he used his protruding horn to conjure multiple arrows and loaded all 20 arrows on the bow and pointed directly at the two poachers that are standing with their backs facing towards them.*

Unknown female tigress: *did as she was told with her back on the ground as she stired a bit causing both of the other poachers to look at her*

Poacher #4: What the hell you are doing?

Unkown female tigress: Seeing you both meet your demise.

Poacher #3: What the hell does that suppose to mean!?

*After that was said suddenly a whole wave of arrows came shooting out all at once like a wave heading dirctly at the two poachers impaling them as each arrow made their mark and one of the arrows had impaled one of them in the neck causing one of them to choke on their blood and die while the other was struck by the arrows hitting him with serious injuries as he was still hanging on but was incapacitated as he was shouting in agony.*

Poacher #1: *still in pain* Who the hell did that!? Show yourself!

*Suddenly Ghost came out from the brush holding his bow and arrows enhanced by his magic and as she was walking up to them*.

Poacher #1: Who the hell and you!?

Ghost: The one who just shot down your men and saving her *points at the tigress in the trap and net* from you guys and setting her free. 

Poacher #3: *barely alive* Why…..why do….you care for this bitch!!! She is just a nobody and will be a very hefty price in the black market…..and YOU JUST RUINED OUR CHANCES FOR A BIG PAY DAY!!!!!! 

Ghost: “Sorry but I’m deducting you guys pay and setting your investment free”.

Unknown female tigress: Hey um, whoever you are can you set me free?

Ghost: It’s Ghost btw.

Unknown female tigress: Okay Ghost. I’m Teegan the Tigeress but Teegan for short if you please.

Ghost: Okay Teegan just….

*Before he can finished there was a gunshot as Ghost was hit twice in the shoulder and abdomen as he fell to the ground as both his bow and arrows were dispersed*

Ghost: Gahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Teegan the Tigress: Ghost! Where did those shots rang from since 2 of those guys are dead and the other 2 are incapacitated.

Unknown Male Voice: You four can’t handle the simplest of tasks and look what happened but got caught off guard by a wolf deralicte with just simple bow and arrows. Such a shame.

Teegan the Tigress: Who said that?

Unknown male voice: That be me my dear. *suddenly a large figure in heavy tactical gear walked out from the brush unloading and reloading his firearm as he approached the group.*

Poacher #1: Commander! 

Poacher #3: We failed sir, we were caught off guard and...*stopped as he was interrupted by him*

Commander: Enough I seen everything had happened. And I must say I’m very disappointed in you all letting your guard down like that and being taken out by the enemy. You’re quick actions clouded your judgement and not wary of your surroundings and just jumped in recklessly. Have you all not learned your training!? I trained you all and now you made a fool out of me!

Poacher #1: Forgive us Commander that *points at Ghost on the ground* mediling wolf just caught us by surprised and did a drop on us before we can deliever her to you.

Commander: Well at least you lots had secured her but unfortunately, I have to make the final decision.

Poacher #3: And...what decision is that?

Commander: *points his revolver at the him on the ground* To terminate you two as your services are no longer needed for this mission.

Poacher #3: W..wait! Please j..just give us anoth….*before he could finished he was shot in the head*

*The other three looked on in shock and what the commander did to his subordinate and then he turned his attention to the other one on the ground as he walked up to him pointing his firearm at him causing the other poacher to slowly back away in so much pain pleading for mercy*.

Poacher #1: P….pl...please Commander! Give me another chance! You don’t need to do this!!!!!

Commander: I cannot, you 4 are a major liability to the operation and you failed to bring back the target to base. *point the barrel at the other guys forehead*  

Poacher #1: PLEASE! I HAVE A WIFE AND KID AT HOME!!! *trembling his words as he closes his eyes*.

Commander: *cold tone and deadpan stare* Guess they won’t be seeing you back or ever again. *pulls the trigger and shot the poacher in the head as he was slumped to the ground*

Teegan the Tiger: *shocked* Oh my god……

Ghost: *shocked look* 

Commander: *sighs as his eyes were closed* Such good help is so hard to find these days. If you want something done you gotta do it yourself.

*Ghost tries to get up but was unable to due to his injuries from the wound he received as he was sitting in a pool of his blood as he was slowly bleeding out*

Commander: Now to take care of the witness here.

Teegan the Tigress: No! *struggles to get free*

Ghost: *seeing his vision becomes a little blurry due to the blood lost from his abdomen.*

Commander: *reloads his firearm as he walks toward Ghost* Its no use moving or escaping you are loosing a lot of blood. But I will make this a quick death for you and I’ll be taking my prize with me. 

Ghost: *tries to summon a few arrows from his horn but fizzled out* Guh, can’t summon any arrows….

Commander: You can’t escape the inevitable. 

Teegan the Tigress: I must do something! *she sees her leg caught in the trap and uses her strength to try and pry it open to free her leg*

Ghost: *With little strength he backs away slowly to escape but only a few feet as she rested on the base of the tree trunk looking at the Commander slowly approaching hoom with every step with his firearm pointing at him* Damn, its no use. *he turns to Teegan who then looks at him and mouth the words* Once you free yourself….RUN! Don’t look back!

Commander: *stopped in front of him* I see you rather face this head on in strive. I commend you for your actions wish the 4 had taken notes from you and your fighting skills. But I can get replacements in the next few weeks. 

Ghost: *looks up as the barrel is pointed at him*

Commander: Any final words?

Ghost: *struggles to hold up due to the blood loss*

Commander: I see, no matter I’ll make this quick for you.

*Before he can pull the trigger he was pounced on from behind as a vicious femine growl was heard and a yell from the commander swearing and cussing at Teegan*

Ghost: *looks up and sees Teegan had jumped on his back and clawing at his face and neck with vicious ferocity as she was holding on his back with her legs wrapped around his abdomen and using her free hands attacking him and biting at his face* Teegan! *groans in pain* What are you doing! You need to run from here! Forget about me!

Teegan the Tigress: No! I’m leaving you here! You saved me and now let me save you!

Commander: Gahh!!!! You crazy bitch!!! I will make a hid out of you!

Teegan the Tiger: Not if I ripped you to shreds!

Commander: *grabs her hair* That does it! I was going to go easy on you! 

Teegan the Tiger: Gahh!!!!!

*The Commander tosses off him and slams her to the ground and kicks her repeatedly*

Commander: You filthy stupid bitch!!! I’ll teach you to fuck with me!! I was gonna bring you in unharmed and unscathed BUT you had to make this so difficult. Why can’t YOU just cooperate!!!

Teegan the Tigress: *groans in pain*

Commander: And you! *points at Ghost* What do you care and what do you see in her that is willing to risk your life for her!?

Ghost: *didn’t heard what he was saying as his hearing was muffled and his vision was getting more blurry by the minute as he stare at Teegan on the ground not moving*

Commander: Well its time to end it all. *grabbed Teegan by the hair as he lifted her head up and pulled out his exacto knife and placed it on her neck.* Well no matter you are better off dead regardless.

Teegan the Tigress: *grunts and pain* Go to hell.

Commander: You first bitch!!! I’m gonna….

*The commander stopped mid sentence when he felt a strong like grip latched on his arm as he felt sharp claws digging into his arms as he howled in pained and notice that Ghost had him in his hand.*

Commander: Why you piece of …..*quickly interuppted when he felt and quick punch to the side his face by Ghost knocked him back 3 feet.*

Teegan the Tigress: *slowly looked up and sees Ghost standing but not phased by his injuries* G...Ghost?

Commander: Okay then if its a fight you want than its a fight you’re gonna get! *gets up on his feet and withdrew his tactical knives in both hands.* Come on, come get me!!!

*Suddenly Ghost’s eyes were turning a burning bright yellow color as his whole body beings to undergo a drastic change as his wolf like appearance be came matted and darken as he grew taller about least 7’0 as he was growing fangs as the tops were protruded hanging out and his fur sticking out more as he provided a strong tough muscle tone causing his entire clothing to rip and torn completely off him during his lycantrope transformation. His long hair became longer and ridged with a spikey appearance to it*

Ghost (Lycantrope): *lets out a long wolf howl as he stares down the Commander in anger and malice.*

Commander: *shaken but held firm* Heh, you don’t scare me you maggy mutt! I can take you down in….*interruptly was knocked by with a swift flick from Ghost’s hand as the commander went flying back and hit the tree with so much force you can actually hear his spine snapped* Ahhhh!!!!!!!!! Son of a bitch!!!!!! That fuckin hurts!!!!

Ghost (Lycantrope): *slowly approaches the commander like a predator approaching their wounded prey before the final kill as he bares his fangs and claws as he growls at him*.

Commander: I must do something before he kills me. *pulls out his AR.15 and pointed at Ghost* I won’t go down without taking you with me you flea bag!!!!

Ghost (Lycantrope): *growls as he lunges at the Commander with his mouth agape*

Commander: *fires off many rounds at Ghost*

Teegan the Tiger: Ghost!!!!!!!!!

*About a few seconds later was muliple gunshots and a blood curdling scream and then was followed by intense silence*

Teegan the Tiger: Ghost! Ghost! *trying to see through her blurry vision as she tries to get up but collapsed on the ground from the pain and bruises inflicted on her* Please answer me.

*Suddenly Teegan saw a tall figure hovering over her and thought it was the commander to end her life but was soon replace with relief and worried as she seen it was Ghost still in his Lycantrope form as he was staring down at her*

Teegan the Tigress: Ghost? 

Ghost (Lycantrope): *silently looked down at her with an observant look*

Teegan the Tigress: Ghost? Its me. Don’t you recognize me?

Ghost (Lycantrope): *slowly approached her with a claw reaching out to her*

Teegan the Tigress: No! Please! *eyes clutched shut of her imperil fate but suddenly she was lifted up in the arms of Ghost in bridal style* Huh? *looks up at Ghost and see him looking back at her in her eyes* Ghost are you in there?

*Without a word Ghost held Teegan close to him as he ran deeper in the woods from the area but not before Teegan took a quick glance behind them and seen that the Commander was slumped on the tree trunk with his arm ripped off and his face caved in sitting in a pool of his blood.*

Teegan the Tiger: *looked away from the gory scene and bury her face in his chest as Ghost continues to run holding her in his arms* What’s going to happen to me now? Am I at the mercy of him who save me or will he take my life?

Author’s Note:

Hey guys how’s everyone doing today? Hope you all have an awesome day well try to stay productive during this quarantine lockdown under the stay at home order. For me my parish just issued a mandatory curfew 2 days ago from 9pm to 5am and they want everyone to be home before that time but fail to do so is a $500 fine penalty and jail time. Luckily, after the curfew ends at 5am they still allow us to do our essential runs as usual between that time until the curfew comes into effect again since they want everyone to stay at home and not be out that time and doing regular patrol around the areas making sure no one is out in the streets during curfew and it was a pleasant to hear the streets quiet since people ALWAYS driving by with the volume in their cars blaring rattling the houses as they drive in complete circles around the block. Anyway that was my tid bit on my current situation for the past few days. 

Now for the story I carefully put a lot of thinking into typing this story yesterday with a lot of detail of the scenario being played between the characters as well as the interactions. Furthermore, I had planned on involving Teegan together with Ghost as their 1st initail contact and meeting in a situation like this involving some poachers and its been on my mind about a month ago after my last trip at the mall a few days after my birthday when I bought Teegan from Build-A-Bear and a few ideas popped into my head to include her in my stories with random characters. Plus, decided to make Ghost (unbeknownst to him) had undergo a transformation into his Lycantrope (Lycan) form when he was in near death and his anger towards those who did wrong (ex: what the commander did to Teegan and was about to take her life as he held the blade to her neck) to either him or others. However, I’m still wanna get the detail where he gets some form of “control” of his new look and has some semblance of “remembrance” as he tried to maintain control before he goes beserk or let his Lycan form over take him but that will be still thought out down the line. Lastly, I’ll be doing 3 sequels after this one: the first is “Getting Through the Beast (next story w.i.p.)”, “Tigress and the Wolf (2nd story short)” and “A Robust Waterfall Shower of Tigress Passionate Love (3rd Story)”. So with that being said I’m trying to keep a steady work pace between my stories and my job (I have one more day to go on my day off Tuesday). Hopefully, I can finish a few of these stories and maybe get back into making my artwork since I created my last art piece back in February and none last month either gotta get my priorioties in check. Well that’s my status at the moment and want to let you all know at hand. That’s it for both my update and story notes and see you all later!

P.S. if you have any questions about my side story fimfiction stories that are canon to other artists (those whose names are in the list below Author’s Note are involved in the series and played a part in it) work in the series volume “Kingdom of Cavaliera: Quest for the Golden Heart (Volume 1). Furthermore, why not give the fellow artists below a watch and view the awesome artwork & literature they write and show them some loving support! :)

Also, if anyone else who is involved in the series that are new and would like for me to mention them don’t hesitate to contact me about adding you to the mentions below to keep an update with my story posts and if any newcomers are new to the Kingdom of Cavaliera series please let others know who are new to let me know to add them as well so they can get a mention as well since on every story update on the main series I seen some new faces involved and want to get them mentioned here as well to the uncanon series I’m making as well that is somehow “tied” to the main one like an “alternative pocket timeline universe”.

Honorable Artists and Story Writers Mentions & Inspirations:

:iconghostzeroone: > ghostzeroone.deviantart.com

:iconsir-writesalot: > sir-writesalot.deviantart.com

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