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Getting Through The Beast

Posted by Duskstripe - April 9th, 2020

Getting Through The Beast

Note: Characters & works belong to their rightful owners.


Ghost (c) :iconghostzeroone: > ghostzeroone.deviantart.com

Teegan the Tiger (c) Honey Girls


*As the evening turned into night within the Everfree Forest, Ghost, who has been transformed into an ultimate form his Lycantrope (Lycan) form that unknown to him was triggered a while back saving Teegan the Tiger whom he still carrying in his arms as they fled from the scene after the demise of all four poachers as well as their commander who is decease when Ghost snuffed the life out of him with his bare Lycan claws. At this moment for the past few hours Ghost has been running deeper within the forest to a much more quiet area away from the carnage feeling more will show or follow them.*

Teegan the Tiger: *worried* Where are you taking me? Ghost?

Ghost (Lycantrope): *silent as he was continuing running through the forest brush at quick speed*

*Suddenly after a few minutes of going through the brush the two reached an opening that is secluded deep within the forest where its like a hidden spring with an opening lake and a waterfall surrounded by various of indigenous flowers grown everywhere in multiple colors and some were exotic and rare plant species that never discovered for decades*

Teegan the Tiger: *in amazement* Wow, its glorious, I never knew this place before since the time I was hiding out from those guys hunting me down. But why here? Unless?

*Suddenly Ghost had placed her gently on the ground as he looked down at her with content*.

Teegan the Tiger: *looked at Ghost with a questionable look* Ghost?

*Ghost had crouched down at eye level with Teegan and looking directly into her eyes while she looked back at him seeing that his eyes had a bit of calmness to them like staring deep into his soul knowing that somewhere deep inside the Lycan was Ghost trying to reach her*

Teegan the Tiger: *gently places her right hand on the side of his face as she held it there* Ghost, its okay.

Ghost (Lycantrope): *gently places his hand on hers*

Teegan the Tiger: It’s okay everything is fine Ghost. No need to worry yourself. I’m okay. You’re okay. The bad men are dealt with and we’ve escaped. Please, calm down.

Ghost (Lycantrope): *closes his eyes for a bit and opened them again to reveal his normal eye color*

Teegan the Tiger: *smiles* There, you see everything is okay.

*Suddenly Ghost was doubled over in pain as the wound from his abdomen beginning to open back up as he slowly reverts to his normal self in the process clutching his stomach*.

Teegan the Tiger: Ghost! *sounding panic and with a worried look on her face*

Ghost: Gahh!!! *Fell onto the ground*

Teegan the Tiger: Hold still, just relax! The more you move the more your wound opens wider. Just hold still while….*interrupted and saw that Ghost had passed out on the grass from the blood loss* Ghost!!! *begins to shake him* Please! Don’t die on me!!

*Teegan begins to look around as she tries to find ways to stop the bleeding and something to make like a remedy to save Ghost*

Teegan the Tiger: Don’t worry, I won’t let you die! Not on my watch!

*Once Teegan ran off to look for some stuff to create a healing remedy and something to wrap his wound in. Then back at the carnage site where are the decease poachers were laying as a figure had stepped out from the brush and surveyed the scene and area and noticed the members were dead*.

Unknown figure: *on his radio* Bravo this is Delta I’m at the scene and I found the four members and the commander here, over.

*Suddenly another voice came over the radio and responded back*

Bravo Team: Delta this is Bravo have you located the other members? Over.

Delta: *on the radio* Affirmative! Over.

Bravo Team: What’s the status of the members? Over.

Delta: *On the radio* It appears there has been a carnage or a struggle had taken place here. Four of them are dead with what appears to be arrows had impaled them when 2 of them had what appears to be gunshot wounds to the head. As for the commander well he is way worse than the others. Over.

Bravo Team: What’s his condition? Over.

Delta: *on the radio* Well...it looks like his face was smashed in my a power force and his right arm is completely torn off and his entire back where his spinal cord is has been snapped as if he was thrown at a face rate to the tree trunk. Over

*There was a brief silence over the radio and it crackled back to life*

Bravo Team: What about the “target” has it been secured?

Delta: *on the radio* Negative. The target is no where in sight. She may have fled from the area again but I highly doubt she was able to take down five men with heavy firearm power. I think someone or something may had interfere with the group and might have taken down our members and commander on the spot and escaped with her. Over.

Bravo Team: *over the radio* That’s enough for the recon, bring back the mentioned arrows and head back to base. We’ll discontinue our search for the target until we know who we are dealing with.

Delta: Rodger that. *grabs 3 arrow heads from the body and putting them in a plastic bag and stood up*.

*With the clouds over head passing over where moonlight shine down on the figure to reveal a female grey ursine in heavy tactical gear over her curvy and muscular build with silver-white hair as he green eyes look off into the distance as she picked up a faint scent of the target in question as well as a male wolf scent leaving the area and into the deep woods*

Delta: I see. You’re wolf friend did this and helped you escaped. No matter we’ll find you and getting rid of him. But for now we’ll let you get away this time...for now! *Delta had glared off into the direction before heading back through the bush with the arrows back to base*


Author’s Note:

Hey guys, I did a Sequel after “Rescuing the Purple Tigress” as this story right here is a part 2 and the part 3 will be coming out tomorrow, “A Robust Waterfall Shower of Tigress Passionate Love (sorry, couldn’t come up with a better title) as the final sequel to the three series. Also, I have another story idea in the works and its based off a movie theme with Vampires and include a couple of music title for you guys to listen to while reading as you can be immerse in the story and getting the full image in your head. So that one will take some time but I’m gonna do more story shorts in the meantime to get more of my creative story juices flowing. However, I’m gonna do some artwork after posting this story up since I never made anything for the past 2 months already and want to get something out. Lastly, within my stories there will be new character mentions in the stories or in the near future as a “teaser” and hopefully collaborating with other artist’s original characters to include them in my stories if they or anyone is interested in. As of right now I’ve got nothing else to say and leave it at that and keeping myself sane at home.

P.S. if you have any questions about my side story fimfiction stories that are canon to other artists (those whose names are in the list below Author’s Note are involved in the series and played a part in it) work in the series volume “Kingdom of Cavaliera: Quest for the Golden Heart (Volume 1). Furthermore, why not give the fellow artists below a watch and view the awesome artwork & literature they write and show them some loving support! :)

Also, if anyone else who is involved in the series that are new and would like for me to mention them don’t hesitate to contact me about adding you to the mentions below to keep an update with my story posts and if any newcomers are new to the Kingdom of Cavaliera series please let others know who are new to let me know to add them as well so they can get a mention as well since on every story update on the main series I seen some new faces involved and want to get them mentioned here as well to the uncanon series I’m making as well that is somehow “tied” to the main one like an “alternative pocket timeline universe”.

Honorable Artists and Story Writers Mentions & Inspirations:

:iconghostzeroone: > ghostzeroone.deviantart.com

:iconsir-writesalot: > sir-writesalot.deviantart.com

:iconcourageous-of-light: > courageous-of-light.deviantart.com

:iconjengaleia: > jengaleia.deviantart.com

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