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Emergency Commission - Traditional Sketch

Posted by Duskstripe - August 15th, 2020

Bad news guys. Apparently, my dodge ram has been acting up today. It barely turned over when I crank it when I left for work and leaving from the job site. So I'm gonna take it to AutoZone to have it get checked out to see if the battery needed to be replaced or the starter. I'm hoping its the latter (mostly the battery). Plus, I'm using my entire check on payday ($142.00) to pay for it and I'll be broke just to get that replacement part so my truck and continue to run. I'm just hoping its the batter because right now I only have that money from my pay check today just to pay for that part and only $25.50 in my savings and gonna be barely scraping by until next week with the little funds I have until next payday to make up that loss.

So right now I'm opening for traditional sketch commissions to raise income for mostly bills and other expenses coming soon. However, this time I can draw anything at a reasonable price just to get paid for my work it can be anything you want me to draw BUT I have to decide if its easy for me to do in that time frame. So I'm gonna raise my commission prices a bit:

$10 - Drawing (pencil)

$15 - Lineart (Ink)

$20 - Colored (Markers, crayons, etc.)

$5 - Additional extra details

Note: Once its done I'll use my scanner to upload the image to blow it up and submit. Also, I can receive payment first before I begin the work and save you a slot in line. Another thing be serious if you want one and not waste my time on any bs excuse or haggling the price its set as final. Furthermore, if you gonna harass, make threats, trolling or leaving spam comments I'm just gonna block you immediately! Anyway if anyone is interested in one please dm me for more information or details on the type of commission you want. Also, if you anyone comes across this journal and don't have a DA account. I have this posted on my Twitter, Newgrounds, Furaffinity, Inkbunny and Pillowfort.social accounts is where I be active on and you can reach me there. I have each link on my DA profile page and their will take you to their designated sites. Thank you all for listening and hope you all are willing to help me out in a situation like this and be very appreciated with the loving support.